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Starting Rotation 5.29

Starting Rotation 5.29

Saturday is a very weird slate in that we have a monster 10 game slate in the afternoon and then just five games in the evening. The bad part of all that is the number of arms on this slate is....not great overall. That doesn't mean we can't find some diamonds in the rough for the Starting Rotation 5.29 to lead us to green screens again! 

Starting Rotation 5.29 - Early Slate 

Yu Darvish 

I typically skip the pitch data breakdown for Darvish since his repertoire is so varied, but we'll note the Astros are 12th against the cutter and first against the slider. We've seen the good and bad about targeting the Astros offense in the past few days. The Dodgers played them and Clayton Kershaw cleaned up for us while Trevor Bauer struggled. Darvish has had a run of picking on some bad offenses like Seattle, Colorado, and Pittsburgh so the difficulty will be ramped up here. Still, Darvish looks strikingly similar to the 2020 season with a...