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Starting Rotation 5.27

Starting Rotation 5.27

Thursday brings us all-day baseball, as we have five games in the afternoon and then another six in the evening. We'll be doing some quick notes on the six-game slate and then the full breakdown for the seven-game, so let's get right to work in the Starting Rotation 5.27!

Starting Rotation 5.27 - Afternoon

Note - The Mets/Rockies game is on the afternoon schedule and it looks as if Marcus Stroman will pitch the first one. Please refer to his writeup from yesterday to read why we like him, and you could potentially make a case to fade Shane Bieber on this slate with Stroman and the next pitcher. 

Pablo Lopez - This could be weird considering the next pitcher on the list, but Lopez might well be my overall favorite option. Philly is 21st against the changeup so far and that is the main pitch for Lopez with 28 strikeouts, a .287 wOBA, and a 24.6% whiff rate. The Phillies are also right on the verge of being a top-five ...