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Starting Rotation 5.16

Starting Rotation 5.16

We get a tidy 10 game slate for our Sunday afternoon MLB slate and it appears like there are some solid options today. The big names might not be on this slate but we have some truly good options at solid price points. Frankly, it's a bit more fun when we don't have an ace like Trevor Bauer last night and he's 80% owned in cash and almost 60% in GPP. Let's talk about who we like on this slate in the Starting Rotation 5.16 and lay our foundation for the green screens! 

Starting Rotation 5.16 - Main Targets 

Alex Wood 

Pirates Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 30th SL - 11th CH - 2nd

When we're deciding between Wood and the next pitcher on our target list, I don't believe it's much of a contest. Wood has cleared 27 DK points in three of his five starts, 20 in the fourth, and then had one start at Coors. He's been utterly dominant so far this season with a 25.9% K rate, 13.1% swinging-strike rate, and a 33.6% CSW. The CSW would b...