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Starting Rotation 4.6

Starting Rotation 4.6

Thank goodness we have some real options tonight, it's only the fifth day of the season. We have eight games but there are four legitimate ace-caliber pitchers on the slate and none are over $10,000 on DK. It certainly looks like a double-ace kind of night at my first glance but let's dig into the Starting Rotation 4.6 and see what we find!

Note - We're starting to use pitch data from this season. It's still a very small sample but we need to start migrating to this season. Also, all images are from baseballsavant.com.

Starting Rotation 4.6 - Cash Picks

Lucas Giolito ($9,300 DK/$9,600 FD)

Mariners Ranks vs Pitch Type - FB - 23rd CH - 1st SL - 16th

I think the righty for the White Sox might well be the best bang for your buck on both sites tonight. He's the SP3 in terms of salary but the upside is no different than anyone else. We're going to start using the 2021 stats and by those numbers, Seattle doesn't look like a great matchup. They'v...