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Starting Rotation 4.5

Starting Rotation 4.5

The Monday slate ahead of us seems a little weird. It's always a fun time when we get Jacob deGrom on the mound because we can wax poetic on how awesome he is. The issue with tonight's slate is the quality of pitchers goes downhill in a hurry. DK is going to be a challenge to find that SP2 but that's what the Starting Rotation 4.5 is here to do so let's dig in! 

Starting Rotation 4.5 - The Lock 

Jacob deGrom ($10,700 DK/$11,000 FD) 

FB - 44.9% (7th) SL - 35.6% (10th) CH - 16.9% (4th) CB was under 3%

Listen, we have a running joke in the Discord that if you don't play a player that the staff thinks is a lock, you get The Slap. That means we send a GIF of someone getting slapped in the face. deGrom is that player tonight. The quality of the starting options is not that great after deGrom. He is a stone lock in cash games and honestly, I'll happily eat this chalk in GPP as well. On paper, no alternative should get all that close as far ...