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Starting Rotation 4.22

Starting Rotation 4.22

I'd like to wish everyone a pleasant Thursday except for Jakob Junis, who I will thank for absolutely nothing. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about today. We only have a two-game slate in the afternoon and a five-game slate in the evening. I'm skipping the two-game entirely, as the four pitchers might combine for 25 DK points. It's totally brutal. The five-game slate has some intriguing options but the path for failure exists for everyone. Starting Rotation 4.22 will be a GPP-only slate for me since I don't play cash when I'm this ambivalent on starting pitching and all 10 pitchers have issues this evening. 

Starting Rotation 4.22 - Targets 

Alex Cobb ($7,700 DK/$8,700 FD) 

Astros Ranks vs Pitch Types - SF - 28th FB - 9th CB - 22nd

Just looking at the statistics this season for Cobb, it's a wonder he even throws a sinker. It's getting smacked for a .500 average and a .493 wOBA so far. His splitte...