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Starting Rotation 4.15

Starting Rotation 4.15

Thursday brings us a split slate and we're going to change things up just a bit. In this article, the focus is going to be on the early slate since it has six games and the evening has five. On top of that, the evening pitching is among the worst we've had this season. It's a fairly hideous mix so let's stick with the full breakdown for early in the Starting Rotation 4.15 and attack the late slate with some picks! 

Starting Rotation 4.15 - Early Targets

Note - FD has inexcusably left off the Mets game that starts at 12:10. Apparently, those 10 minutes between the 12:20 start time left the Mets game in an alternate dimension like when Ozzie Smith was in The Simpsons. The bad news is they also left off the Seattle game which at least in fairness is a seven-inning game. It's only a four-game slate on FD but at least you only need one pitcher. 

Since the Mets and Jacob deGrom are not on both sites (and are already being threatene...