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Starting Rotation 4.14

Starting Rotation 4.14

We're back with a split slate on Wednesday with five and seven games in front of us. It shouldn't come as a big surprise, but the pitching on today's slate is....not great. The early slate especially looks a little rough but let's talk about both in the Starting Rotation 4.14 and figure out who we need to target for the green screens!

Starting Rotation 4.14 - Early Slate 

There's not much of a discussion in my eyes about who's the lock on the five-game slate and it's Corbin Burnes. His cutter continues to do the heavy lifting with a 33.3% whiff rate even though Burnes is throwing it about half the time. It's the highest-rated cutter in the league via FanGraphs rating and even though Chicago is 12th against the pitch, Burnes is just nasty. The Cubs are flirting with a 30% K rate as a team and Burnes is at a 48.8% K rate through 12.1 IP and a massive 37.6% CSW. This cutter is just silly good -