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NFL Game By Game Breakdown Championship Weekend

NFL Game By Game Breakdown Championship Weekend

This is going to be the last Game by Game of the season, and we have four of the best teams in football squaring off this weekend. Really, I think the Bills were the only one we couldn't have predicted with certainty at the start of the season. The transformation of Josh Allen and the arrival of Stefon Diggs pushed their ceiling way higher than most thought. Much like last week, this could be a tough construction from the salary perspective but let's see how to get there in the NFL Game By Game Breakdown Championship Weekend!

Buccaneers at Packers, O/U of 51.5


QB - Call me a hater if you need to but Tom Brady was quite lucky to have a solid fantasy day last week. It's not often we see Brady complete under 60% of his passes, let alone 55%. He and Drew Brees flat out looked old through a lot of that game. Brady was saved to some extent by a rushing score but here's the rub - Tampa's offense was consistently set up b...