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NBA Thursday 1/28 Core Four

NBA Thursday 1/28 Core Four

After a pretty frustrating slate (looking SQUARELY at you, Clint Capela), we turn the page to a much more streamlined four game slate. We have a game that is incredible right off the bat with the Blazers and Rockets. There’s also the B squads for the Clippers and Heat squaring off, so this is an interesting slate. Let’s dive in and figure out who makes for the best plays of the slate in the NBA Thursday 1/28 Core Four to find the green!

Core Four

Damian Lillard ($10,600 DK/$9,700 FD) – He is the highest salaried player on DK, and he really should be. Both teams are in the top 13 in pace on the season and the Blazers continue to not believe in defense. Lillard has 124 minutes with C.J. McCollum, Jusuf Nurkic and Robert Covington all out tonight and he’s rocking a 30.3% usage rate and a 1.25 FPPM. Dame is the pick and roll ball handler the fifth-most possessions this season and the Rockets are tied for dead last in points per possession to the PnR ball handler. This is an elite spot for Dame Time to go nuts. On FD, the price is disrespectful and not even a question. Even on DK, I’m in.

Carmelo Anthony ($5,600 DK/$5,200 FD) – We’re not going far because we can get another night of vintage Melo in this spot. In the same scenario of who’s missing for Portland, Melo has played 146 minutes and is only behind Dame in usage at 27.5% and a 0.92 FPPM. Even better was seeing him be on the floor for 34 minutes last game, while posting almost 40 fantasy points. He gets the same up-tempo spot that Lillard does and this is the premier game stack of the evening.

Christian Wood ($9,500 FD) – I said this was a great game to stack and I’m sticking with it…. on FD. Wood is due back from a sprained ankle and he says he’s 100%. With the amount of minutes DeMarcus Cousins has played lately, I think Wood walks right back into his normal run of 33 minutes per game. Wood sits 11th in paint touches, which leaves him on Enes Kanter and Harry Giles. Good luck with that fellas. Both of these teams are in the bottom four in rebounds per game, and Wood averages 17.3 rebounding chances per game. That’s 11th in the league and I’m loving this three man mini stack. If we get enough value, I’d love to run Deandre Ayton with him as a double center on DK. We’ll see if that happens or not.

The reason I said I’m lily only playing Wood on FD is because DK has done the unthinkable. They have priced Anthony Davis under $9,000. AD could be play the early 2000’s Pistons and I. Wouldn’t. Care. This man should NEVER be priced below $9,000 on DK. EVER. If people want to fade him, let them. Yes, the Lakers should steamroll the Pistons. AD will be one of the main reasons why and he’s going to eat poor PlumDawg alive. Davis just put up 47 DK points while shooting 5-16 and only scoring 17 real points. Need I say more?

I feel like DK just taunted us and somehow knew that AD would get ruled out. I don’t care for it, I know that. Markieff Morris takes his place on DK because he’s minimum price and has positionally flexibility.

Terrance Mann ($5,400 DK/$4,500 FD) – Mann is a great fit on both sites but especially FD where we need two shooting guards. He played right about 34 minutes last game and put up 30+ DK despite shooting just eight times. Those are the kinds of players I love because they can produce without scoring a bunch. If he scores more this game, the ceiling could be higher. With the Clippers being so short and still only playing Lou Williams about 22 minutes, Mann checks in as a great salary saver again tonight, as DK has priced up the Clippers to an extreme. On FD, Reggie Jackson will also be hard to get away from and I’m fine with both of them together.

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