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NBA Core Four 5.29

NBA Core Four 5.29

After a full week of three-game slates, we are back with four games across the entire day on Saturday! The Miami Heat are on the brink of elimination, the Wizards and Blazers have their backs against the wall, and the Grizzlies are back home. We’re going to have a ton of options today and the NBA Core Four 5.29 will outline who’s going to help lead us to the green screens again!

NBA Core Four 5.29

Core Member One – Ben Simmons

Over on FD, the price is far more competitive but DK continues to disrespect Simmons. He’s under $8,000 yet again and showed in the last game that he can get it done in under 30 minutes. In Game One, he scored a measly six real points and still clipped 50 DK. These pace-up spots like the Wizards represent the best possible outcome for Simmons, as he can flirt with a triple-double and add in blocks and steals. Washington has given up at least 120 points in each game and was a bottom-five defensive rating in the regular season and that continues in the post-season. The fact he’s doing all of this on a 19.3% usage rate is incredible. On DK, you can really go nuts with guards and throw in Mike Conley since Donovan Mitchell is not full-go from his ankle injury yet. 

Core Member Two – Bryn Forbes 

I certainly wouldn’t expect Forbes to go full flamethrower as he did in Game Two when he poured in 22 real points on 6-9 shooting from deep, but Donte DiVincenzo is now out for the Bucks. After he left the game, Forbes played almost the entire time with 15 of his 20 minutes coming from that point on. That was also without playing a single minute in the fourth quarter since the game was out of hand at that point. While playing with the starters isn’t exactly the best way to hit serious upside, Forbes shot 45.3% from beyond the arc all season. Value is extremely hard to come by in the playoffs and if we can get 30 minutes at the salaries, Forbes needs to be heavily considered. 

Core Member Three – Damian Lillard 

I know that all three members have been at the PG position so far and n FD you have to make a choice. I would lean towards the Dame/Forbes combo to spend up on FD at other spots. Either way, Denver has shown exactly zero ability to stop Dame Time from scoring so far in this series as he’s dropped 34, 42, and 37 real points. That’s led him to have a floor of 53 DK and he’s not yet $10,000 on DK. To put that in perspective, Dame has out-scored Nikola Jokic in DK points in two of three and finished just six points behind him in the third game. 

Of course, game logs aren’t everything but that illustrates you can get roughly the same score for a cheaper price. To the surprise of nobody, Joker and Dame are second and third in usage rate in the playoffs, trailing only Luka Doncic. The Blazers really need this game and Facundo Campazzo and Austin Rivers won’t be stopping Dame Time today or any other day. 

Core Member Four – Jusuf Nurkic

I can already hear Discord saying “foul trouble” and I’m not here to argue that. Nurk has fouled out in two consecutive games and guarding Nikola Jokic is virtually impossible. However, watching the games I noticed that at least a couple of fouls in the past couple of games have been silly, away from the basket fouls. I’m referring to setting screens, and other aspects of the game. I’m betting the Blazers coaching staff has made it a point with Nurk to cut that out. Portland needs(and I can’t stress that word enough) Nurkic on the court. He’s recorded two double-doubles so far and he shouldn’t be under $7,000 on DK, risk aside. In Game Three, Nurk played 32 minutes and missed the back half of the fourth quarter. He could have played 35+ minutes and I’m going right back to him with potential for 50 DK point upside. 

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