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Monday 2/8 Stocks

This article, 2/8 Stocks, focuses on providing stock market and financial advice. For today’s article, we will be addressing the market and making some picks moving forward.

Thoughts on the Market

It was another very strong day for markets, as the post-Gamestop/AMC era continues to roll on. The S&P Index went up 0.7% to hit 3915 with the Dow at 31,385 up 0.8% and the Nasdaq at 13,987, up 1%. The Russell smashed those increases to the tune of 2.3 % on the day. As of the time of writing, I am up 1.9% today.

The likelihood of a giant stimulus that would not depend on party lines sitting on the senate floor, as well as strong earnings, continued development on the vaccine front, and easing off of trade wars or tariffs, have helped the run continue. As we look ahead, I expect stocks to generally keep going up, with most declines coming for those stocks tied closely to staying at home.

2/8 Stocks High End

1. Google – Expensive but justified by the massive earnings. Google has not had much of a run up recently until a boost over the last two weeks. However, it is likely still underpriced as it heads towards $3,000 end of the year.

2. Amazon – I bit the bullet on this at $3,350 a week ago and currently down, but not too worried. Amazon had led the pack for quite awhile before slowing down over the last few months. Given the moving average and how high it is above the resistance line and I think we will see a surge soon to the $4,000 level and possibly $5,000-$5,500 end of the year. Amazon gets money!

3. NVIDIA – Another pickup last week, it is already headed up with no end in sight. Nvidia’s bargains, competitive advantages and the general industry growth ahead make a strong bet to continue to rise.

2/8 Stocks – Mid Range

1. Microsoft and Apple – Always among your very best “cash game” bets, so to speak. Microsoft is up 388% over the last five years and Apple up 487% over the span, smashing the S and P’s 110% return over that same time span. If looking for locks to hold over time, look no further.

2. DraftKings – This is another stock that perhaps needs no introduction to the members of this site. Given the large sports betting market to come, there will be market share to go around as further states legalize. DraftKings emergence as the top company in it’s industry will help it towards the $100 FVE that has floated out there.

3. Disney/PayPal – The prices have shot up over the last week, particularly on PayPal. If you follow me on discord, you might remember I was furiously buying up Paypal shares at the $230 mark during the height of the game stop saga. However, there may still be more room to run as I think these two along with DraftKings are top competitors to be the next elite/FAANG stocks.

4. Bargain Bin -UPS – Now here’s a stock that hasn’t moved much recently. I have five shares and picked up another two earlier today. However, this company is firing away on all levels, making tons of money as e-commerce continues to grow. I hedge it with my Fed Ex shares but think Fed Ex had it’s run and UPS’s turn is coming shortly.

Honorable Bargain Bin Mentions: Boeing, AMD, Aphria, Taiwan Semi, Visa, Walmart, Johnson and Johnson

2/8 Stocks – Low Range

1. Zomedica – There was quite a runup earlier today, which has regressed as of late this afternoon. Nevertheless, Zomedica is up 140% for the week. They expect to release Truforma in March, which allows veterinarians to perform in-house testing without sending things out to labs for results. They have hired a major sales distribution company to handle all of their affairs. Overall, it is a promising company in an industry with lots of growth potential. I listed it over Ocugen as I think whereas Ocugen already had a monster runup, the best is yet to come here.

2. Ocugen – If only this were last Thursday’s article. However, the beast of Robinhood over the last few weeks is on a crash collision with the $20 mark and beyond. With a company mission to develop cures to blindness, their primary focus recently has been rolling out covid-19 vaccines. Led by the technology of Bharat Biotech, they have already been approved in India, using a vaccine said to last twice as long as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s but also resistant to the UK variant.

If Ocugen’s vaccine is approved for emergency use in the United States, this stock will hit the moon. Given the need to get vaccines out as fast as possible, it is the most likely scenario, given the vaccine’s strong results. Their entire series of eye treatments and medications almost serves as a side bonus, but provides additional upside.

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