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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.8

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.8

We get another nine-game slate but the pitching options are simply not that great. Sure, we have pitchers that are priced like they are going to be awesome but that could be a lot to ask. Let's talk about them and pitchers that we might actually like in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.8 so we can find our path to green screens! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.8 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

Some pitchers are priced like aces but I will not look twice at three of them. Freddy Peralta only made it two innings in his last start and threw under 55 pitches, so I can't imagine we get more than 75 or so tonight. That is frankly not enough to pay $10,200 for and I'll move on quickly. It wouldn't help that Philly is projected for playing four lefties. 

The metrics don't look poor for Nathan Eovaldi as he's better against lefties with a .281 wOBA, 2.39 FIP, and a 25.4% K rate. One of the primary reasons is his curveba...