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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.7

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.7

We've got 12 games on tap for tonight and the slate is pretty interesting. Most of the high-end ace pitchers are in terrible spots, but most of the mid-range plays are not super appealing either. It could be a tough road to walk down for the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.7 but that doesn't mean we can't find some gems to lead us to green! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.7 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

We have four players in that tier based on salary but there are really only two options in my eyes. I frankly won't have exposure to Aaron Nola or Logan Webb. Nola is wildly unpredictable and he's on the road, which has led to some terrible results this year. Webb has been outstanding but I'm not willing to pay $9,500 in Coors. The strikeout upside is capped too much for my liking. 

This may sound nonsensical, but I'm still somewhat interested in Gerrit Cole. In his last start, he was under $10,000 and ...