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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.5

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.5

It's one of the smaller Sunday slates with only 10 games and we have some heavy hitters on the mound, as it were. I don't think we have any real cheap options tonight but we learned a few nights ago working with double aces is very possible in any slate. Let's got moving in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.5 and figure out who we're pitching and the stacks to compliment them!

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.5 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

We only have three ace-level players as far as salary goes and I have to believe that Robbie Ray will be the most-rostered pitcher on this slate. He very much should be as he is on a tear, pushing Gerrit Cole for the AL Cy Young. It is of small concern that Oakland is the best team against the slider in the league and Ray has 99 strikeouts with that pitch. It also has a .218 wOBA and a 46.4% whiff rate so it's a strength for both sides. That pitch is ranked sixth among sliders on FanGraphs this sea...