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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.3

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.3

We're back in action and we have 14 games to pick from! We have some choices up top, a very mediocre middle of the pack, and a super interesting punt. Let's get right down to business in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.3 and forge our paths towards the green screens again! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.3 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

I may not live in this range tonight, as I think every one of the options carries some risk. Freddy Peralta is coming off the IL and even though he wasn't on it for an extended period, I'm not super trustworthy about his pitch count. He's surpassed his career-high in innings as it is and the Brewers don't have a lot of motivation to let him stray from a pitch count. If we get confirmation it's all systems go, he would be my favorite. The price tag is super low for a pitcher who has a 34% K rate and the Cardinals lineup would play into his strength. I will be righty-heavy and Peralta owns the ri...