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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.31

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.31

We have almost every team available to us tonight with 28 pitchers we can choose from! While that part is fun, there is simply not a lot of actual good options to choose from after the higher end tonight. Let's dive in and see if we can find any sort of gems in the lower tier in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.31!

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.31 - Main Targets 

The Ace Tier 

We're at the point where I practically do not care what the matchup is Walker Buehler, he's going to be in play. He's up to eight out of 10 starts scoring at least 26 DK points and some of those have come against the Astros, Padres, Giants, and at Coors Field. His four-seam leads the pack with 76 strikeouts but the slider/curve combo has combined for 71 as well. The secondary pitches both have a whiff rate over 32% and Buehler is down to a 2.02 ERA. Atlanta is a dangerous offense but they also strikeout over 24% of the time on the season and it's still at 23...