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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.28

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.28

We have got all sorts of action today in the majors with a six-game afternoon slate and a nine-game evening slate! We'll be covering both and the evening really has some strong pitching options on it. Let's get to work with two slates to cover in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.28 and lay our foundation for green screens! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.28 - Afternoon 

The Frankie Montas Tier 

Montas is the only pitcher that qualifies by salary and if I'm attacking the Yankee lineup, I do much prefer to do it with righty pitching. Montas has a 26.8% K rate and that's been thanks to his splitter for the most part. It has 69 strikeouts, a .164 wOBA, and a 53% whiff rate. He does only throw it 22% of the time but the catch is it uses it mostly against lefties. It's no surprise that righties have the higher wOBA against him at .308 and a lower K rate of just 23.2%. I want to see the Yankee lineup. If there are four lefties as it's pro...