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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.25

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.25

A big thank you to Brian for giving me a day off yesterday and we roll back into MLB action with some heavy hitters on the mound! The name value on this slate is off the charts but I'm not totally sold on exactly how loaded it is. We've seen the trend lately of the high-salary arms not always paying off and this strikes me as one of those slates that could play out again. Let's get into that and a whole lot more in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.25 and set our foundation for green screens tonight! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.25 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

There are technically five pitchers that fit in the Ace Tier by salary, but I'm casting out Yu Darvish off the hop. He's coming back from the IL and facing the Dodgers. No, thank you. 

Instead, let's focus on the other side of this game with Walker Buehler. He's been a dynamo this season with a K rate just under 27%, a walk rate of 6.5%, a 3.13 FIP,...