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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.22

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.22

We have 10 games in front of us today and the pitching options are...well, not the most exciting we've ever had. I suppose that's what happens when you have a couple of exciting days like Friday and Saturday. We're going to need to dig to find some options for the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.22 so let's get to work and find the gems! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.22 - Main Targets 

The Ace Tier 

I suppose even though some of these names don't have a ton of sizzle, there are some string options in the Ace Tier. The first pitcher that catches my eye is Adam Wainwright and the last time he saw this Bucco offense, he went nuts for the complete game shutout for 42 DK points. We obviously can't expect that outcome again but he's started against them twice this year for 17 IP, 14 K's, and one each of a walk, earned run, and a home run. Pittsburgh is 28th against the curve and dead last against fastballs, so it's an elite pitc...