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FanDuel MLB 9/1 Aces and Bases with A Through Z

What is up everyone, happy hump day and happy September! Check out the FanDuel MLB 9/1 breakdown below.

As usual, I will be going over 3 pitchers and 3 teams that we should be looking to stack in our FanDuel lineups. We were going to have an 11 game slate tonight but the Mets game has already been called off due to weather and the Nationals game has now been cancelled as well, so we are left with 9 and it does not appear as though any of the remaining games will have weather concerns. There are a few early slates but the main slate locks at 7:05 EST as usual. With that said, let's get into the picks!

The Aces

A. While I will not be caught dead targeting the Red Sox bats for the rest of this season, I will certainly target the best (currently pitching/healthy) arm in baseball, Chris Sale ($10,500). Sale looks like his old self and really has since his first start back, because the Red Sox brought him back very slowly given how well they were doing to start the season. Unfort...