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FanDuel MLB 8/20 Aces and Bases with A Through Z

What is up everyone, happy Friday! Check out the FanDuel MLB 8/20 breakdown below.

As usual, I will be going over 3 pitchers and 3 teams that we should be looking to stack in our FanDuel lineups. There are 14 games on the main slate today, which leaves us with quite a few options to go through with lock hitting at 7:05. We have a lot of games that are outside without a roof but it looks like we will not have any PPD concerns. With that said, let's get into the picks!

The Aces

A. Well, I did not want the first time that I write up my favorite baseball player, and one of my favorite athletes, to be in these circumstances. The Red Sox cannot buy a win over the last month, and they just slid down to third place in the division after a scorching start to the season. Our pitchers were performing above their skill level and have come crashing down to Earth, and our bats cannot produce runs or string together hits at all. I have accepted that the Sox will be missing the playoffs this...