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FanDuel MLB 6/9 Aces and Bases with A Through Z

What is up everyone, happy Wednesday! Check out the FanDuel MLB 6/9 breakdown below.

As usual, I will be going over 3 pitchers and 3 teams that we should be looking to stack in our FanDuel lineups. We have a few weather concerns with the games in both Philly and Baltimore, but we are clear outside of those two. There are a few early games, but the main slate locks at 7:05 and has 12 games, so even if we cross out the games with weather concerns we still have 10 to work with. With that said, let's get into the picks!

The Aces

A. We kick things off with an interesting scenario where we have the clear ace of the slate, however he is very expensive and also does not exactly draw a cakewalk of a matchup. Gerrit Cole ($11,500) is clearly the most skilled pitcher on the main slate here, but the question is do we want to pay way up for him in a matchup against the Twins. The Twins are not a scary enough offense to take me off of Cole, and frankly I am not sure such an offense exists,...