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FanDuel MLB 5/24 Aces and Bases with A Through Z

What is up everyone, happy Monday! Check out the FanDuel MLB 5/24 breakdown below.

As usual, I will be going over 3 pitchers and 3 teams that we should be looking to stack in our FanDuel lineups. Taking a near total 180 from my Friday article, we now only have six games on the main slate with lock striking five minutes later than usual at 7:10. With that said, let's get into the picks!

The Aces

A. This is an interesting slate because there are not any expensive bats that we really want to stack up, and there are also no pitchers priced above $10,700 on FanDuel. Due to this, I will be looking to just target the best three pitchers on the night here. The first of those three is Brandon Woodruff ($10,700) who will be facing off against the San Diego Padres on Monday night. While I typically do not want to target pitchers against this Padres offense, Woodruff is the best pitcher on the night in terms of the combination of run limitation and strikeout upside. With a 2.41 ERA and a...