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Win Daily Sports – Election Special

The Election is tonight, and we at WinDaily wanted to provide all of you with our top bet selections for the occasion. Welcome to the WinDaily Election Special!

Now before we get started, let’s clarify who I will be voting for… nobody, that’s right, I’m not voting Democrat or Republican, not because of some political apathy but on the count of me being Canadian.

One last note before we get underway, please vote. It’s a right that many Americans take for granted as there are hundreds of millions, if not billions of people who wish they had a vote to determine who leads their country. This happens once every four years, don’t sit on the sidelines and spend the next four years regretting it. If you’re not interested in voting for the Democrats or the Republicans, vote third party. If you don’t like any of the Presidential candidates, vote down-ticket on other representative and state propositions, or abstain your vote altogether but make your voice heard and cast your ballot today.

We’ll do three bets per presidential candidate, and three bets that I think would make sense for either candidate. Odds are provided by bet365; FanDuel is running a free play for the Election as well.

Trump Win Daily Election Special

  1. Florida ( -188) – Trump has no path to 270 without Florida; if the state goes blue, it’ll be a short night for the Don. That being said, he pulled advertisement funding from that state, and Joe Biden scrambled his way there. That leads me to believe that Trump thinks it’s safer than the polls are making it seem and that Joe and his staff agree.
  2. Iowa (-300) – The poll that has Democrats nervous right now came out of Iowa and showed a late surge for the incumbent president with a 7-point boost over his democratic rival in just one month. Seltzer and Co. are a well-respected firm in Iowa, and Trump carried the state over Clinton by 9+ points; I’d take Trump here as well.
  3. Texas (-400) – I’ve seen some friends whisper about the possibility of Texas flipping blue. If that is the case, the Election is all but over. Who knows what the future holds for the lone star state past the Election, but as far as tonight is concerned, I see it staying red, and the polls seem to back me up as Trump will be coming into the night with a small lead in the polls.

Honorable Mention: Georgia (-175)

Biden Win Daily Election Special

  1. Popular Vote (-700) – At this point, Joe Biden winning the popular vote is a foregone conclusion. People are waiting in long lines to vote for him, even in solidly blue states like California. The question at this point is not whether or not he wins the popular vote but by how much.
  2. Nevada (-500) – Nevada has fallen to the Democrats for three straight elections now, and although the polls had Trump and Biden closer earlier in 2020, conventional polling has Biden at around 5+. This state was a much closer race in 2016, and Clinton still managed to carry the state. From a betting perspective, my mind is leaning towards Biden carrying the Silver State.
  3. Minnesota (-450) – The latest polls I’ve seen from Minny have Biden up anywhere from 8-10 points. The general consensus around Minnesota seems to be a bit scattershot, with RealClearPolitics marking the state as a Toss-Up while FiveThirtyEight has it listed as a Safe D and only six days apart… As a better, if you can find Minnesota at the right odds, go for it.

Honorable Mention: New Hampshire (-600)

Both Win Daily Election Special

  1. Pennsylvania (Joe Biden -200, Donald Trump +150) – This will be the swing state of the Election. With its 20 electoral college votes, both candidates are considered the favourite if they carry the state. Biden currently has a polling lead in the state, but it is close. Most polls in Pennsylvania are falling within the margin of error. Bets on either candidate would make sense to me, and the odds for both would be worth it either way you decide to go.
  2. Electoral College (Joe Biden -163, Donald Trump +137) – This is it. This is for all the marbles. I won’t tell you who to bet on for an electoral college victory. All I will say is anything can happen and good luck.
  3. Michigan (Joe Biden -334, Donald Trump +240) – Both candidates have their sights set on Michigan in their final days of campaigning. The polls are favouring Biden here, but who knows, the presence of both candidates could stir the pot as polls generally tend to narrow the closer we get to the Election.

Honorable Mention: Arizona (Joe Biden -138, Donald Trump EVEN)

Well, that’s all I have for you guys. Enjoy the night; if you choose to bet, good luck and on a final note, again, please vote! Make sure to follow us at @WinDailySports.