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Three StriKes: A Preview for 2020

Three StriKes: A Preview for 2020

Baseball is roughly about 48 hours away and we're incredibly close to getting back on the diamond. This season, I'll be bringing you an article called Three StriKes about four days a week. When I don't write an article, I will still have plays in the Discord so be sure to join that as well!

So, what exactly does Three StriKes entail? This article is going to be based on strikeout props for that day throughout the season. For instance, Gerrit Cole is likely to hover around 9.5 strikeouts on Opening Day. While we won't be betting every single prop, we'll be using some analytics to guide our decision. As a rule, I'll be betting 0.5 units on every prop and then the same amount on a parlay. The days we hit all three will pay off handsomely. Let's take a look at some of the analytics and stats that are going to drive our decisions!

Three StriKes Metric - Strikeout % for the pitcher

This one is fairly obvious but we have to start somewhere. Us...