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The Democratic Debate Deep Dive

Well, it’s gotten to a point where FanDuel has created a slate for tonight’s Democratic Debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. As of the time of writing, there is only one Free Play slate, but nonetheless it’s something.

I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican, but I am actively up to date on the American political system (I’m a Political Studies Major).

For those who don’t know, this slate is for the 2020 Democratic Primary meant to determine who will challenge incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 US General Election. The large Democratic field has been narrowed down to two major contenders (sorry Tulsi), Joe Biden who many perceive as the safe, center-left candidate and Bernie Sanders who is generally considered to be representative of the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Sanders picked up a solid lead initially but Joe Biden has taken back the lead after two solid Super Tuesday showings. As it sits right now, Biden has 890 delegates and Sanders has 736 delegates with 1,991 delegates needed to secure the party’s nomination, which will take place at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The way the Free Play slate works is that if a candidate says the word in question you will score a point. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into it!

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Biden Says Trump ($45)
Biden has begun to separate himself from Bernie in the delegate totals and former major Democratic candidates are beginning to throw their support behind him. At this point, it would make more sense for him to attack a competitor in front of him rather than his rearview mirror. Hard to justify the hefty price tag on Coronavirus as it will definitely be a topic of discussion but will most likely not get a large amount of discussion time compared to the price, given that it is a topic and Biden can say Trump’s name in any topic.

Biden Says Guns ($18)
This one is interesting. Biden made news earlier this week by telling a factory worker he is ‘Full of S***’ when talking about his stance on the Second Amendment. The video went semi-viral and can be seen here. Given the nature of the interaction and the media attention surrounding it, there’s little doubt in my mind that this specific interaction will be brought up for Biden to address. Not to mention, in previous debates, he has bragged about his participation in the passing of the ‘1994 Assault Weapons Ban’ and has alluded to the fact that Bernie Sanders has a D- rating from the NRA as opposed to Biden who holds an F. This topic is discussed a lot in Democratic Debates and this one will most likely be no different.

Bernie Says Guns ($9)
Once the topic gets brought up given the story mentioned above I doubt Bernie will not touch upon the subject. He has not shied away from it in previous debates and has in fact promised to lower his NRA rating from a D- to an F. I doubt a significant portion of time will be spent discussing the issue but they will most likely say the word “Guns” a lot, which is what is necessary to accrue fantasy points. Not to mention $9 is rather cheap.

Bernie Says Billionaire ($5)
He says it all the time, 5 dollars is a ridiculous price, this is a lock. His whole funding mechanism for his Medicare-For-All plan is based on taxes on the ‘Billionaire Class’ and taxes on ‘Billionaire Wall Street Speculation.’ I want to clarify, I am not saying these plans or positions are good or bad, the fact of the matter is that they are integral to his campaign and he says it a lot.

Either Says Middle Class ($22)
Let’s ignore how creepy the headshots for the ‘Either’ options are. Regardless, Democrats and Republicans often run on growing and protecting the ‘Middle Class’ and it is a staple in many Democratic Debates as candidates are often asked how their policies will specifically benefit the Middle Class. There are no euphemisms for Middle Class as there are with Guns (ie the euphemism ‘Assault Weapons’), so if a discussion on protecting the middle class does come up, which is likely given the current financial insecurity. That word will be thrown around a lot by both candidates and accrue a lot of fantasy points, this is definitely a boom or bust spot. Not to mention Bernie Sanders has faced some pressure on his tax plan possibly raising taxes on the ‘Middle Class,’ so moderators may seek to question him on that as well.

Either Says Europe ($18)
Europe is in the news because Trump has recently imposed a Travel Ban on all European countries (except the United Kingdom), given the outbreak of Coronavirus otherwise referred to as COVID-19. This is currently a major headline as there was some pushback on the decision. It makes sense that the two candidates would be questioned during the Democratic Debates about their reaction and how they would’ve acted as President. This is also a boom or bust as the topic in question would have to be brought up by moderators for the candidates to begin discussing the issue.

Either Says Medicare ($32)
The price tag is a little hefty but it is a major piece of both candidates’ platforms, specifically Bernie Sanders. Not to mention, they disagree on the issue with Bernie Sanders proposing “Medicare for All” and Joe Biden arguing that government-run health insurance ought to be an option for everyone, rather than compulsory. This will be discussed at the Democratic Debates so consider ‘Either Says Medicare’ as an option.

Bernie Says Climate Change ($12)
I’ve personally heard Bernie discuss the issue with greater frequency during the Democratic Debates but there is no doubt that Climate Change is one of the most discussed issues in American politics and has definitely been discussed in previous Democratic Debates as the Republican incumbent Donald Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and has removed Obama-era regulations surrounding coal mining. You could go with ‘Biden Says Climate Change’ but I remember Bernie saying it more. Also, the candidates may use the euphemism ‘Global Warming’ which as far as I know will not accrue any points. However, generally speaking, the word ‘Climate Change’ is used more often, especially in professional formats.

That being said, it’s a free play, take this article with a grain of salt and have fun with the slate as that is what it was intended for.