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NFL Week 2 Waiver Wire

NFL Week 2 Waiver Wire

Week 1 of the NFL season is just about behind us, with just two Monday night games left. We managed to escape without a ton of injuries through the first week, which is no small feat. That doesn't mean we can't find some gems on the NFL Week 2 Waiver Wire to fortify your seasonal fantasy team the rest of the year!

*Note* The ownership referenced will be based on Yahoo and if this needs updated after Monday Night Football, it certainly will be before your waivers run.


Gardner Minshew, Jaguars - 25% rostered

Quarterback is certainly deep enough that the ownership for Minshew isn't high at all. Still, he really showed off his skills on Sunday even in a game they didn't trail a lot. That shouldn't be expected very often this year. He went 19-20 with three touchdowns and kicked in 19 yards on the ground.

He's not likely to throw three touchdowns every week, but I'm not sure how often the Jaguars can maintain near a 50/50 split for th...