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NFL Game by Game Breakdown: Week 3

NFL Game by Game Breakdown: Week 3

Week 2 treated us very well as a lot of things went right once again! It would have helped if Derrick Henry has done some work but you can't get it all right. If your lineup made it through the day without an injury, you were likely in a good spot. We've got 13 games to get through so let's get kicked off for NFL Game By Game Breakdown: Week 3!

Raiders at Patriots, O/U of 48 (Patriots -5.5)


QB - He is the butt of many jokes, but Derek Carr isn't the worst option on some weeks. He doesn't turn the ball over and he's got more weapons this year, even if he's overthrowing them. Carr rebounded from a slow start to throw for over 280 yards and three touchdowns on Monday night, but the matchup is still on the difficult side. Just because Russell Wilson can shred the New England defense doesn't mean Carr can do the same. He's just 26th in intended air yards but he is fourth in on target rate. My fear is what happens if the Patriots neutr...