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NFL Game by Game Breakdown: Week 2

NFL Game by Game Breakdown: Week 2

It was a great week to kick off the NFL season as the Win Daily team saw a whole bunch of green screens! We managed to really hit on a lot of plays without a preseason, and I can tell you that's not easy. It's really important to not overreact to just one week, but that's the only data we have in front of us. If it doesn't match what was done last year, just keep that in mind. With that said, let's start digging around on NFL Game by Game Breakdown: Week 2 and figure out who we're after this week!

Lions at Packers, O/U of 49.5 (Packers -6)


QB - Matt Stafford isn't coming off the best game of his career but he had a game-winning touchdown dropped that would have helped his output. He still threw for almost 300 yards without Kenny Golladay in the lineup and he'll likely need to put up some points to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense.

It's a little tough to tell what the Packers defense looks like. They got out ...