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NFL Game By Game Breakdown Week 16

NFL Game By Game Breakdown Week 16

This week is kind of a boring one. We have the shortest slate we've had in a long time with just 10 games. There's not a lot of games with juice, although some could turn into some solid contests. We still have a lot of work to do and money to make, so let's hop to it in the NFL Game By Game Breakdown Week 16!

Colts at Steelers, O/U of 45 (Colts -1)

Colts - Pace is 17th

QB - I certainly can't advocate Philip Rivers that strongly on this slate. The price is appealing and the matchup isn't as terrifying as it used to be, but can Rivers score more than 20 DK here? Or ever for that matter? He's only 20th in pDB at 0.44, 15th in touchdowns at 20 and not inside the top 10 in attempts overall. We'd really like to see more touchdowns considering Rivers is sixth in RZ attempts, but here we are. The metrics that I'm holding onto the most are his completion rates under pressure and the deep ball. Rivers sits fifth under pressure at 50.8% and eight...