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NFL DFS: Stix Picks Week 14 Cash Game Checkdown

For this week, Stix won't be bringing you the Week 14 Cash Game Checkdown. I'm Adam Strangis and covering for Stix this week as he's away. Don't worry, we'll still hit everything that Stix usually does and put you on the right path to green in Week 14! We have a very large slate, but it's important to pare things down to make it manageable so let's get to work.

The purpose of this article is to identify my top plays for a NFL DFS cash game lineup on DraftKings and FanDuel Sunday Main Slates (also known as a double-up). Players in this article are usually a mix of the following:

High-floor/high-volume “safer” players (players with a very low bust-rate)VALUE PLAYSNot a part of a stack – Stacking is great for GPPs, but if you stack in cash games, your lineup is entirely too dependent on said stacked team. If that team does poorly, your whole lineup does… Not a risk we need to take in a cash game. QB/WR pairing is fine, but unless there’s extreme value in a 3-man stack, l...