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MLBMA Implied Totals For May 1st

I run my MLB Moving Averages program every day to isolate the highest probability outcomes for any given MLB slate. However, there’s a lot of other information it produces that I would like to share which may help you as you scan the board on your own. The algorithm uses a combination of weighted rolling averages for offense, starting pitching and bullpens that update daily to create my daily MLBMA implied totals. Let’s take a look at today’s late game results (I generally avoid getaway day games due to added variance).

There are several different ways to interpret this information, and I hope it serves as a useful guide in your plays. The algorithm implies totals for each team as well as the game; So this can be used for individual Team Totals, or for an interesting perspective on Money Line plays. It’s also often times a good way to begin identifying potential Over/under plays (Especially when there is a difference of a full run).

Cubs at Mariners OU9

  • Cubs 4.57
  • Mariners 3.92
  • Total 8.49

Tigers at Phillies OU8

  • Tigers 4.01
  • Phillies 4.67
  • Total 8.68

Cardinals at Nationals OU8

  • Cardinals 3.38
  • Nationals 3.96
  • Total 7.34

Reds at Mets OU6.5

  • Reds 4.07
  • Mets 3.57
  • Total 7.64

Indians at Marlins OU6.5

  • Indians 3.74
  • Marlins 3.20
  • Total 6.94

Padres at Braves OU9

As a rule, I fade unknown pitching commodities until further data is presented. Quantrill got the call today and it’s too murky to get a hold on

Rockies at Brewers OU9

  • Rockies 3.36
  • Brewers 3.74
  • Total 7.10

Astros at Twins OU9

  • Astros 4.16
  • Twins 3.76
  • Total 7.93

Blue Jays at Angels OU8.5

  • Bluejays 3.76
  • Angels 4.02
  • Total 7.78

Dodgers at Giants OU7

  • Dodgers 4.15
  • Giants 3.64
  • Total 7.79

Without getting too mushy, I really appreciate the following, the support, the feedback and the interaction. This endeavor may be brand new, but I am committed to delivering the most comprehensive, custom work that will directly translate into profits. Please comment and share! Let me know whats working for you, what isnt working for you and anything else youd like to see… And make sure to follow me @MLBMovingAvg for all things profit related.