NFL Preseason DFS : Hall of Fame Game Soon Approaching
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NFL Preseason DFS Video: Playing and Winning in DFS



Watch below to find out How to Successfully Play and Win at NFL DFS!


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Get Ready To Win

Have you ever played NFL Preseason DFS? Well, if you are new to the game this is the perfect introductory video to learn more about the approach and how the game is played. In the video, I discuss roster construction in NFL Preseason DFS and highlight the importance of opportunities over talent. As you will learn rather quickly this format it is all about who is playing in the games. It has nothing to do with player values. I also cover how important it is to stay as up to date as possible on information on players.

If you are to succeed at NFL Preseason DFS, you have to be able to submit your lineups and pivot just minutes before they lock. It is unlike the standard in the regular season, where teams are required to list who is active or inactive. In the preseason this is not required. Time to fire up Twitter!

Information Is Key

The more information the better off you will be. In both DraftKings and FanDuel players are virtually priced the same across the board. Choosing the correct players can be quite challenging considering that teams can have up to 90-man rosters at the beginning of training camp. There are times that DraftKings and FanDuel will list players that are not even on the teams anymore!

I also divulge into different strategies for each week of the preseason. Each week in NFL Preseason DFS differs from the next. This is because coaches use and view each game differently. Some utilize starters and so do not let their starters even near the field. It all depends on the coach, which is why historical trends when it comes to projections is also key.

The preseason also features much less scoring in comparison to the regular season. Defenses matter here. Looking at last preseason via during Week 1, not one game had an under/over above 37. Compare that to the regular season where each game had an under/over at least at 41. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and start getting ready to win!

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Andrew has come a long way as a fantasy football writer. After graduating from Roger Williams University where he received a degree in marketing he began to write his own fantasy blogs via He used to call himself the Fantasy Football Master. Nowadays, he is slightly more humble. He has worked with Pro Football Focus as a base data analyst along with bringing head writing experience from Gridiron Experts and FantasyData. He is an absolute die-hard Patriots fan and will never forget his first fantasy football team. In his first-ever fantasy football league he drafted the Bears defense in the 1st round. He then proceeded to win the entire league. #DefenseWinsChampionships

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