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12/4 NBA DFS Game Previews & Prop Plays




A 10-game slate awaits tonight, and the 12/4 NBA DFS Game Previews & Prop Plays will get you ready to gain a share of the long green.

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Golden State at Charlotte, 7:00 PM Eastern

Warriors at a Glance: 25th in scoring (105.5), 24th in scoring defense (115.1), 27th in offensive rating (104.4), 28th in defensive rating (113.9), 18th in pace (100.5).

Stud: PG/SF Draymond Green ($6200/DK). Dud: SF/PF Eric Paschall (6500/DK). Sleeper: C Willie Cauley-Stein ($4800/DK).

Hornets at a Glance: 26th in scoring (105.4), 21st in scoring defense (113.8), 22nd in offensive rating (106.1), 29th in defensive rating (114.6), 25th in pace (98.9).

Stud: PG/SG Devonte’ Graham ($7700/DK). Dud: PF/C PJ Washington ($4700/DK). Sleeper: SF/PF Miles Bridges ($5100/DK).

Phoenix at Orlando, 7:00 PM Eastern

Suns at a Glance: 6th in scoring (114.4), 18th in scoring defense (112.5), 6th in offensive rating (111.2), 18th in defensive rating (109.3), 10th in pace (102.3).

Stud: SG Devin Booker ($8200/FD). Dud: SF Kelly Oubre ($6900/FD). Sleeper: PF Dario Saric ($6100/FD).

Magic at a Glance: 29th in scoring (102.3), 2nd in scoring defense (102.9), 26th in offensive rating (104.6), 11th in defensive rating (105.1), 28th in pace (97.8).

Stud: SF Jonathan Isaac ($7800/FD). Dud: PG Markelle Fultz ($5900/FD). Sleeper: PF Khem Birch ($5900/FD).

Milwaukee at Detroit, 7:00 PM Eastern

Bucks at a Glance: 2nd in scoring (120.8), 14th in scoring defense (108.4), 2nd in offensive rating (114.2), 2nd in defensive rating (102.5), 1st in pace (105.2).

Stud: SF/PF Giannis Antetokunmpo ($11,500/DK). Dud: SG/SF Khris Middleton ($6100/DK). Sleeper: PG/SG George Hill ($4100/DK).

Pistons at a Glance: 17th in scoring (109), 12th in scoring defense (108), 9th in offensive rating (110.8), 19th in defensive rating (109.6), 26th in pace (98.5).

Stud: C Andre Drummond ($8900/DK). Dud: SG/SF Luke Kennard ($6100/DK). Sleeper: PG/SG Derrick Rose ($5500/DK).

Brooklyn at Atlanta, 7:30 PM Eastern

Nets at a Glance: 11th in scoring (112.2), 20th in scoring defense (113.7), 16th in offensive rating (107.9), 17th in defensive rating (109.3), 7th in pace (102.9).

Stud: PF Jarrett Allen ($6800/FD). Dud: PG Spencer Dinwiddie ($8700/FD). Sleeper: SF Taurean Prince ($5500/FD).

Hawks at a Glance: 20th in scoring (107.6), 28th in scoring defense (117.2), 28th in offensive rating (104.3), 24th in defensive rating (113.6), 12th in pace (102.1).

Stud: PG Trae Young ($10,300/FD). Dud: PF Jabari Parker ($7000/FD). Sleeper: SF Cam Reddish ($3800/FD).

Miami at Boston, 7:30 PM Eastern

Heat at a Glance: 14th in scoring (111.9), 9th in scoring defense (105.4), 11th in offensive rating (110.1), 6th in defensive rating (103.7), 15th in pace (100.6).

Stud: SG/SF Jimmy Butler ($7300/DK). Dud: PG/SG Kendrick Nunn ($5200/DK). Sleeper: PG/SF Justise Winslow ($5300/DK).

Celtics at a Glance: 15th in scoring (110.7), 5th in scoring defense (104.5), 10th in offensive rating (110.3), 7th in defensive rating (104), 21st in pace (99.9).

Stud: SF/PF Jayson Tatum ($7900/DK). Dud: SG/SF Jaylen Brown ($7000/DK). Sleeper: C Enes Kanter ($4800/DK).

Indiana at Oklahoma City, 8:00 PM Eastern

Pacers at a Glance: 16th in scoring (110), 6th in scoring defense (104.6), 13th in offensive rating (109.6), 8th in defensive rating (104.2), 23rd in pace (99.3).

DFS Stud: C Myles Turner ($6800/FD). Dud: PG Malcolm Brogdon ($8300/FD). Sleeper: SF T.J. Warren ($5400/FD).

Thunder at a Glance: 21st in scoring (107.5), 13th in scoring defense (108.3), 18th in offensive rating (107.4), 14th in defensive rating (108.2), 22nd in pace (99.6).

Stud: PG Chris Paul ($7100/FD). Dud: SF Danilo Gallinari ($6800/FD). Sleeper: SG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander ($6700/FD).

Memphis at Chicago, 8:00 PM Eastern

Grizzlies at a Glance: 18th in scoring (109), 27th in scoring defense (117.1), 24th in offensive rating (104.9), 22nd in defensive rating (112.6), 6th in pace (103.4).

Stud: PF/C Jaren Jackson ($6800/DK). Dud: PG/SG Tyus Jones ($5200/DK). Sleeper: SG/SF Dillon Brooks ($5700/DK).

Bulls at a Glance: 22nd in scoring (106.4), 16th in defensive scoring (110.1), 29th in offensive rating (104.1), 12th in defensive rating (107.8), 12th in pace (102.2).

DFS Stud: PG/SG Zach LaVine ($8000/DK). Dud: PG/SG Colby White ($4700/DK). Sleeper: PF/C Wendell Carter Jr. ($6500/DK).

Minnesota at Dallas, 8:30 PM Eastern

Timberwolves at a Glance: 8th in scoring (113.7), 22nd in scoring defense (114.4), 19th in offensive rating (107.1), 13th in defensive rating (107.8), 4th in pace (104.5).

Stud: C Karl-Anthony Towns ($10,600/FD). Dud: PG Jeff Teague ($5800/FD). Sleeper: SF Jarrett Culver ($4900/FD).

Mavericks at a Glance: 4th in scoring (117.8), 15th in scoring defense (109.2), 1st in offensive rating (117), 15th in defensive rating (108.4), 20th in pace (100.2).

Stud: PG Luka Doncic ($12,500/FD). Dud: C Dwight Powell ($4700/FD). Sleeper: SF Tim Hardaway ($5000/FD).

LA Lakers at Utah, 9:00 PM Eastern

Lakers at a Glance: 13th in scoring (111.9), 4th in scoring defense (103.7), 8th in offensive rating (110.8), 3rd in defensive rating (102.7), 17th in pace (100.5).

Stud: PG/SF LeBron James ($10,000/DK). Dud: C JaVale McGee ($4100/DK). Sleeper: PG Rajon Rondo ($4000/DK).

Jazz at a Glance: 23rd in scoring (106.1), 8th in scoring defense (105.1), 22nd in offensive rating (105.5), 10th in defensive rating (104.5), 16th in pace (100.6).

Stud: PG/SG Donovan Mitchell ($7100/DK). Dud: C Rudy Gobert ($7500/DK). Sleeper: SG/SF Joe Ingles ($4900/DK).

Sacramento at Portland, 10:00 PM Eastern

Kings at a Glance: 27th in scoring (104.3), 11th in scoring defense (107.8), 21st in offensive rating (106.3), 20th in defensive rating (109.9), 30th in pace (97.6).

Stud: SG Buddy Hield ($7400/FD). Dud: SF Harrison Barnes ($5600/FD). Sleeper: SG Bogdan Bogdanovic ($5700/FD).

Trail Blazers at a Glance: 10th in scoring (112.8), 23rd in scoring defense (114.8), 14th in offensive rating (109.5), 21st in defensive rating (111.4), 9th in pace (102.9).

Stud: PG Damian Lillard ($9100/FD). Dud: SF Carmelo Anthony ($6000/FD). Sleeper: SG CJ McCollum ($6900/FD).

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