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What Does A Community Provide?



Community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

With the pandemic taking over our lives over the past year or so it has been tough for us all to live our “normal lives”. Luckily our Discord Expert Chat has provided us all with an outlet to talk and engage with each other during the very tough times when we have all been locked down during this pandemic. To be able to have thousands of like-minded individuals at your fingertips to discuss sports, investing, business and life have been a big addition to my life, and I hope everyone that is reading this can say the same.

Personally, our community has given so much to me and I am grateful for each and every one of you who has spent time in our chat. From all the staffers sending messages back in forth in our staff-only chat to the thousands of fantasy sports and sports betting enthusiasts engaging with us 24/7/365 – I TRULY appreciate you all! The outlet our community provides us with is truly a blessing and an escape from the reality we are all facing with the ongoing pandemic. It’s kept our mind fresh and preoccupied with our fantasy discussions of who to play on DraftKings and FanDuel, what bets to take at the Sports Books, and watching it all unfold on a nightly basis right in front of our eyes. But- The discussion goes deeper than just sports. The friendships and engagements have eventually lead to real conversations about life, mindset, and planning of our futures.

Instead of feeling isolated during these trying times, I hope that our Discord chat has helped you not only build winning lineups but also provided you with some laughs and helped us all engage in good and positive conversations with our writers and subscribers. Nothing makes me happier than to see our subscribers like BigTheo and Pickett that have been down with Win Daily since day one (when we had a mere total of 100 people in Discord) helping others with lineups and updating everyone with the news and key alerts. We are a community and a team, and I can honestly say that 99% of the community truly wants to see other people Win… Daily!

Our community will continue to grow from both staff and subscriber standpoints as we welcome new people into our community. If you haven’t entered the Discord Chat yet please click any of the links throughout this article to join and engage in the conversation. I may not be the fastest community member to respond, but I get to all my messages and I luckily have a great team around me who are dedicated to helping each and every one of us.

Before I finish this article and hop into discord and help build some MLB & NBA lineups with you-

To all of our staff– thank you for having my back and our communities back, taking time away from your families and friends to help build our community into something special. The dedication you all show to help build this community is well deserved of an outing together. With that said- whenever you guys have some time to step away from Discord a Vegas or Golf outing is on the house. Pick a date and pick a place I will be fully vaccinated in one week.

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